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Installation method

To meet the project's needs, make a special elite photoelectric LED display installation guide, and installation of the display, installation considerations.
Installation indoor display of: mounting (wall-mounted) LED display, rack-mounted LED display, LED display lifting, seat mounted LED display
Installation of outdoor display: Floor-supporting LED display, high column, floor-supporting LED display, LED display mosaic roof style LED display,
Installation of indoor display
1) mount (wall-mounted)
Applies to 10 square meters below the display. Wall requirement is real or hanging at the wall are concrete beams. Hollow brick or simple kicker are unwell this installation method.

2) rack mount
Suitable for the display of more than 10 square meters, and easy maintenance. Other specific requirements with the same wall-mounted.

3) Lifting
The following applies to 10 m2 display, this installation must be suitable for installation in locations such as the top of the cross beam or lintel. And the need to increase the general body of the screen cover.

4) Seat mounted
Seat mounted can be divided into:
Removable seat mounted: processed separately from the base frame. Placed on the ground, can be moved.
Fixed Block Zhuang: refers seat frame is connected with the ground or wall fixed holder.

Installation of outdoor display

1) Floor-supporting
Screen installation
2) Column
Screen installation
3) Mosaic
4) Rooftop
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