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Daily maintenance

Now, with the Chinese people's consumption level is also growing, LED lighting has been gradually applied to the daily life of the family, LED electronic display only enhance the city's image, but also enrich people's cultural life, in this regard reflects the LED industry the pace of development is so fast, we enjoy the economic benefits of LED electronic screen at the same time, some businesses have LED electronic display does not fully understand the operation and use of LED electronic screen precautions to result in reduced life LED electronic display. Here, the parsing operation and use of LED electronic display precautions to ensure safe LED display system, normally running! Increasing development of the LED display industry, in the streets of major cities LED large screen display slowly increased recently .
First, the switch LED electronic display Note:
1, the switching sequence:
When the opening screen: first boot after the opening screen.
When off-screen: first off screen, after shutdown
(First off the computer does not turn off the display, the screen will cause the body with high bright, burning lamp, serious consequences.)
2, screen switching interval time is greater than 5 minutes;
3. After the computer into the project control software before opening screen power.
4, avoid all white screen state opening screen, because the impact of the current point system maximum.
5, to avoid out of control in the opening screen, this time because of the impact of the current system the most.
6. Ambient temperature is too high or heat is not good condition, you should be careful not to open the screen for a long time.
7. Occurs when part of the body line is very bright electronic display, should pay attention to timely off-screen, in this state, the opening screen for too long.

8. Often display the power switch to trip, should be checked in the screen body or replace the power switch.
9. Regularly check the situation firmly attached at. If loosening, pay attention to timely adjust ,, re reinforcement or update hanging pieces.
10. According to the big screen Display Screen, part of the environment control, avoid insect bites, poison prevention place if necessary.
Second, the control part of the change, change Notes
1. Computer, control power line zero part of the fire can not reverse, should be strictly in accordance with the original position insertion. If peripherals, the connection is completed, you should test whether the cabinet charged.
2. When the mobile computer and other control equipment, should first check before power connection cable, dashboard without loosening.
3. Can not tamper with communication lines, flat connection line position and length.
4. After moving if found short trip, burning line, smoke and other anomalies appear, the test should be repeated electricity, should be to find the problem.
Note the use of three software operation
A software backup: WIN2003, WINXP, applications, software installation program, database, etc., we recommend using the "one-click restore" software, easy to operate.
2 master installation method, the original data recovery, backup.
3 master control parameter settings, modify the preset basic data
4 familiar with the program, operation and editing.
5 regular check for viruses, delete extraneous data
6. Part-time staff, do not operate the software system.
With LED display development time to grow, more and more widely applied in the field, people led display awareness awareness also will be deeper understanding of the issues not before gradually unfolded, from the technical side, the current China's LED display technology is mainly the following problems:
First, the problem is lack of brightness
The main advantage of the LED display is a complex and varied outdoor environment super resilience, features outdoor LED display environmental requirements to be in sunny, cloudy, rain and snow weather, long-range, multi perspective can ensure adequate brightness to convey information, so brightness is particularly important, but due to lack of LED brightness, making the current LED lighting industry can only play a supporting role, mainly used for decoration, which for thousands of pieces of the integrated use of LED is a huge challenge.
Second, is the LED color issues
Single LED applications, basically there is no color issues, but the number of LED integrated use of words, color issues will stand out. Although there are techniques to improve this problem, but because of the level of domestic technology and production constraints, still exist in the same area of ​​the same batch of the LED color differences, and this difference is difficult to escape the discerning eye, making it difficult to ensure that the color of the LED display reduction and fidelity.
Three, LED display control chip
High-resolution true color LED electronic display screen as a new media, with its clear images and high-performance playback capability, more attention has been paid. As for the LED display unit is concerned, tricolor LED die is the core of the device, so you should use the wavelength difference between the small and the luminous intensity consistency and good quality of the die, and this technology is mainly in the hands of world-renowned companies such as Japan's Nichia Corporation.
Four, heat dissipation
As the outdoor ambient temperature varies greatly, when coupled with the display itself working to produce some heat, if the ambient temperature is too high again combined cooling efficiency, will likely lead to an integrated circuit is not working properly, or even destroyed, so that the system can not display working properly.
Therefore, we must from the perspective of the system for the performance tradeoff, a good grasp of the order of the process and increase the depth of the signal processing in order to make full-color LED display to show a colorful, colorful wonderful world.