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LED display quality of the five key technology

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We say that LED decided to display the life of life, but not to say that LED is equal to the display life life. Since the display at work and not every LED are working at full load, display in a normal play video display case, life should be LED the life of 6 ~ 10 times, when LED works in the small current condition can live longer. Therefore, the choice of the brand LED display life up to 50000 hours.

How to make a longer LED lifetime? Under normal circumstances we can start from two aspects of device manufacturing and device applications. From the manufacturing aspect: selective epitaxial material with high quality; increase the area of the chip, reducing the current density; the equilibrium current density; thermal resistance; choose excellent anti UV ability of packaging materials can make LED longer life.

From the application aspect: the heat as the implementation of a maintenance center and the future system from the module design to reduce the working current of the LED project;; LED is configured correctly, make the color LED synchronous fading are can prolong the service life of the LED.

The LED lamp is stable, quality and heat dissipation lamp body itself is very important, currently on the market of high brightness full color LED display of heat, usually by natural cooling, the effect is not ideal. Heat dissipation is not ideal, the lamp of life itself will be affected.

5, the energy consumption and energy efficiency

To improve the LED light effect, reduce the energy consumption of the display is an important direction of the development of LED display technology, it has the positive significance: one is energy saving, emission reduction, Protect environment; two is to reduce the power capacity, power and cooling equipment investment; three is to save electricity and reduce the operation cost; four is to reduce the temperature display; five the LED decay rate is slow; the six is to improve the reliability of the system; seven is to extend the life of eight is to reduce the display screen; the photoelectric parameters of temperature drift, stable image effect.

The luminous efficiency of the LED (i.e., the external quantum efficiency) is composed of LED internal quantum efficiency and the escape rate decision. Nowadays, the internal quantum efficiency of LED has reached more than 90%, but because of the escape rate is low, so as to improve the external quantum efficiency bottleneck of LED light effect. In order to break through the bottleneck of restricting the development of the industry, many new solutions are proposed, and the theoretical verification, most of which has entered the testing stage, some success has been achieved, and laid a solid foundation for the industrialization of.

LED is a kind of green, energy-saving light source by people of all ages, but also will serve as a mainstream media, to lead the future of display technology.

In a word, device fabrication and device application itself is a complementary unity, device and technology progress brought prosperity to the application market, application and market demand is the eternal power device technology progress. Only the upstream and downstream enterprises to work together, to create a new future of LED display technology.
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