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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of LED display

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TV programs are becoming more and more rich and colorful, interactive stronger visual impact to the audience more and more, which shows the background plays an important role. In recent years, LED display and DLP splicing has gradually become the mainstream of the program background, technical characteristics, in this paper, the two kinds of display and use the effect, advantages and disadvantages and matters needing attention to do some analysis and discussion.

A, LED display

LED is the abbreviation of LightEmittingDiode, Chinese meaning as a light emitting diode, is a solid state semiconductor devices, which can directly convert electrical energy into light energy. The LED display is the digital information products of advanced, successful integration of computer technology, network communication technology, image processing technology, the embedded control technology, has a display area and resolution (flexible modular can arbitrarily assembled), high brightness, low power consumption, long life, low heat, environmental protection and durability advantages, comprehensive use sound, light, electricity, graph, text, is a full range of products, perfect terminal display information.

More and more large LED screen in the television studio and television to be used, as the background of the stage, it provides a variety of vivid, vivid background images and more interactive function, make the background picture also has the performance, and the background com., let a person have the feeling of be personally on the scene. It brings greater daydream space design, design and visual impact of the stage, the perfect will of scene and the atmosphere of the show together, realizes the function and effect of the other stage art equipment is difficult to achieve.

The audience of the LED display screen viewing and feelings are very intuitive, as long as the screen size and pixel distance and viewing distance is appropriate, the open type display screen can get excellent results. However, the number of the TV audience is much larger than the number of audience, so in front of the TV viewing audience is key workers television technology research and discussion. Many units are used in LED display, but the TV screen effect is very different, and some from beginning to end, colorful screen, clear and stable; some vision screen underestimate unclear, close range or is some bright spots of the activities, or stripe interference erratic, some characters in close-up, often appears moire interference out of sight of the audience, disturb.

In the selection and use of LED display in the process should pay attention to the following aspects:

1 point spacing should be as small as possible

Spacing between adjacent pixel LED display center distance. The smaller the distance between the pixel point, the unit area of the number, the higher the resolution, the shooting distance is closer, but its price is more expensive. At present, the use of LED display of the domestic television studio space for 6 - 8 mm, in order to achieve the best effect, to seriously study the relationship between the signal source and the distance resolution, and strive to achieve resolution, to achieve point to point, so as to achieve the best results.

2 filling coefficient is higher

The fill factor of LED display (FillFactor) is also called the bright area ratio, namely the light-emitting area of each pixel and the pixel of the physical surface area ratio. LED display screen is composed of pixels arranged in discrete form, there was no light and dark areas between pixels. When viewed at close range, a discontinuity is not complete, and the uneven brightness particles, if light confined in a small pixel surface area, resulting in a single pixel brightness is the entire screen brightness is several times or even ten times, it will cause more serious harsh. Provisions of flat panel display industry recognized TCO '99, the filling coefficient should not be less than 50%, currently on the market a lot of LED display of the filling coefficient did not achieve the target. The cut-off characteristics of low pass filter of the television will have a direct impact on the filling coefficient of LED display different suitable shooting distance.

LED display the same spacing, filling coefficient is small than large fill factor attenuation to the shooting distance, so the need to increase. If the system is low pass filter pass band is 4MHz, the attenuation characteristics of the high frequency of 12db/ octave, then, fill factor of 25% shooting distance than the filling coefficient of more than 50% 1.15db attenuation, shooting distance need to increase about 10%. Filling coefficient increases, the display of the broader perspective, color mixing effect is more ideal, overcome the pixels dazzling, but also for the appropriate to improve the brightness of the screen in order to get better results to create the conditions. Jiangsu Education TV station the filling coefficient for the screen of LED 60%, it has the expressive force of moderate soft brightness, uniform color, crisp and clear display, to ensure high quality.

3 color temperature can be adjusted

Color temperature (ColorTemperature) through the emitter spectral shape and the best fit of the blackbody emission compared to determine the shape of the temperature profile. Studio LED display as the background, its color should be consistent with the studio lighting color temperature, in order to get the accurate color reproduction in the shooting. Studio lighting according to program requirements, sometimes using the 3200K low color temperature lighting, sometimes using the 5600K high color temperature lighting, LED display will be adjusted to the appropriate temperature, which can obtain a satisfactory shooting.

4 shooting distance to the right

As I talk of spacing and fill factor mentioned above, the LED display different distance, different filling coefficient, suitable shooting distance is not the same. Was shot between characters and the screen at the distance of 4 - 10 meters is more appropriate, such as when photographing people can get relatively good background picture. If the character is too close to the screen, in close range shooting, the background will appear grainy, but also prone to
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