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Analysis of LED full color display indoor application techno

Release time:2015-04-17 16:00    Publisher:视爵光旭
Application of LED display, outdoor, has become the mainstream of the market to occupy 80% of the market share, outdoor. Although feel just like a fish in water in outdoor applications, application in indoor, has not formed the mainstream trend this year, with little space to develop indoor display, led the small pitch LED display to display market.

In 2012 the large screen display market sales of products display contrast

In the indoor display technology, each has its own strengths and each has its limitations, can not be simply defined which technology has the absolute advantage. Market sales accounted for more than a year will be different. According to the research results of large screen display performance list, all kinds of display technology products according to the market sales accounted for, in order from big to small order: DLP back projection splicing, projectors, LCD, plasma splicing, small pitch LED display screen.

Below we will analyze the characteristics of all kinds of products and technology, and a comprehensive comparison of technical parameters.

Overlord DLP rear projection wall once has two features: the entire screen resolution, and compared with the liquid crystal splicing, the joint between the unit is relatively small. But after years of development, the technology still exists many limitations: in the process of long-term use, display brightness decay inconsistent color drift, is not the same, so after a period of time, the display wall is easy to take screen, and is not easy to adjust; followed by light source technology is not just as one wishes: UHP light source life is short, the brightness of LED light source is not enough. Another display horizontal angle and vertical angle of the screen are not as good as the flat panel display; dynamic refresh frequency and low contrast, the video display effect is not as good as LCD, PDP and LED;

Engineering project by single and multiple use of edge fusion. Use a single display area was very limited, multiple projectors edge fusion is not subject to this limit. The edge of fusion technology is the most suitable virtual simulation. Whether it is flat, curved, or solid, spherical structure, immersive virtual environment experience, which is the other can not be replaced. In recent years, there are also individual manufacturers try to edge fusion technology is applied to the control room, video monitoring, large conference and business applications, but its solution and the display has been widely acknowledged. The following main reasons: first, the fusion zone ate part of the pixel, the display resolution can not directly support the routine resolution signal display, display mode used in complex, need special production; second, long-term operation of projector brightness attenuation is not consistent, inconsistent color drift, impact on the fusion effect is large; third, the screen resolution is not enough high, generally do not support 7*24 hours of uninterrupted work;

The large screen display technology comparison

In recent two or three years, flat-panel technology with its excellent video display effect and high performance to price ratio advantage made a breakthrough and development of flat panel display, but always active in the indoor display the lower end of the market. The reason lies in the flat panel display also has some weaknesses and uncertainties: graphics and data display of high-end control room applications cannot accept a wide gap of flat panel display. Secondly, the flat panel display can really support 7*24 hours of uninterrupted work, pending the test of time. LCD LCD splicing of long-term operation of dark side and black case is still a certain universality? PDP plasma screen long running blur and burns to address the question of whether these are subject to the inspection time?.

These display technology, there are different degrees of various bottlenecks, the technology itself is difficult to break. Because the existing indoor display technology is not perfect, so that more display technology in indoor display areas continued to try and break. Last year, the small spacing in high density LED display technology has cut a striking figure, and was soon to part of the high-end market has brought the impact of indoor display.

Small spacing indoor LED display screen is about to become the best choice of a new generation of display room.
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