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How to break through the development of outdoor full color L

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China has become the world's LED electronic display screen production base, with good production technology, the advantage of cost of human resource, it has incomparable advantages. Facing the development of science and technology change rapidly, the current situation is good in the screen, how to achieve a breakthrough development?

The rise of outdoor LED display of Sheng

With a high arrival rate and low cost of two major advantages, outdoor media in recent years has become the most rapidly growing advertising media. Market data shows, in 2010, the newspaper media negative growth of 2% in the case of outdoor media, the growth rate as high as 85%, has accounted for 10% of the market share, but also maintained a strong momentum of growth. Among them, the LED display as a carrier of outdoor media strong is to achieve a breakthrough development.

LED display outdoor media growth path, thanks to its own incomparable propaganda effect.

First of all, the visual impact, creating a unique communication value. With the development of society and the progress of science and technology and the requirement of people for outdoor advertising, outdoor media is more and more high, the traditional light box signs, neon lights, Dan Lizhu, such as single form of outdoor media has been unable to meet the needs of the audience. The audience of media time has been further divided, can attract audience attention during the duration of the media will become the most potential for development of the media.

LED big screen screen area is large, with bold, strong visual impact, from the perspective of a wide range of dazzling colors and other characteristics, has a good line of sight and the ultra clear screen, coupled with the unique advantage of the space, making the LED large screen media to attract the attention of urban population. According to the survey of the media, outdoor LED screen media weekly average arrival rate was 61.8%, the average weekly consumption at frequency of 3.8 times, the average arrival rate for 79.3% months, 30% of the audience to focus on outdoor LED screen media audience, the average single eyes for 15.1 seconds. LED big screen has a relatively stable, repeated contact with the audience, which is conducive to the LED large screen media effective communication and understanding.

Secondly, the arrival rate is high, the effective coverage of the audience. The landmark building, large outdoor LED screen media center construction location are located in the core district, city traffic, as well as other traffic intensive functional location. Along with the development of city urbanization and household car, these places have become the mainstream in the city for business and leisure, catering, shopping and working out an important place, because of its scarcity, the core features, also became a media form has the value and quality of marketing.

The study found that, the outdoor LED large screen can effectively enhance the cognition and attitude of the audience for the brand, outdoor media, respondents were more inclined to think that the outdoor LED screen advertising brands have the strength of the brand and the industry's leading brands. At the same time, LED large screen advertising to promote the brand and product image is also very helpful, 76.1% of the audience that large outdoor LED screen advertising to enhance brand and product image effect is larger. Product advertising and the formation of a good brand image, for the consumer to buy will play a decisive role.

Again, repeated communication, enhance the awareness of the audience. According to the CRT survey, there is a big advantage is the LED outdoor display screen compared to other media do not have the advantage, the communication is more than the number of display, main body has reached the population of young, highly educated and high income, age of 21-45 is 80.2% in regular contact with the audience, college degree or above. Ratio of 65.9%, senior managers in the proportion of 34.8%, they have high and stable income, consumption capacity.

Contact large outdoor LED screen advertising, audience behavior influenced by advertisement, resulting in subsequent behavioral intention, among them, nearly 20% will take the initiative to Internet search related information, the 6.7% will be directly into the store, the 24.7% will try to buy the product, as well as 37.3% pass or active discussion related product information to others, the formation of two transmission. Thus, a better communication effect of outdoor LED display screen.

More heavy weight, large outdoor LED screen to reshape the specification

The rise and development of outdoor LED display is the tide and trend of an irresistible development of outdoor media. Data show that in 2011, Chinese LED outdoor electronic display advertising market scale reached 1215000000 yuan, up 35.5% over the previous year. 2012, the market scale reached 1550000000 yuan, an increase of 27.6%. Because of the many advantages of LED display, so that high-end business district of the city street media into the alley alley, and even began to show a flood of attitude. And the quality of the screen, and the excessive use of uneven complicated no chapter, will bring negative effect to the city construction and style.

Light pollution, outdoor large screen of pain in my heart

LED display a street lined with the most common is the impact of light pollution. It is reported that, at present, the international general LED display light pollution is divided into 3 categories, namely, white pollution, daylight and artificial light pollution. At present, only the white light pollution of glass curtain wall has the relevant provisions, of daylight and artificial light pollution there is no relevant regulations. But taking into account the light pollution is causing people to feel unwell, so in the design of LED display screen to display light pollution problem.

LED diode itself as a green light source, although in the cluster using the LED large display screen for consideration and application in the design of the requirements is indeed caused by the light pollution to a certain extent, but it


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