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Analysis of the power supply design of outdoor LED electroni

Release time:2015-04-17 16:25    Publisher:视爵光旭
The power supply is widely used in all kinds of electronic products, with LED display as the representative for switching power supply, power and indoor outdoor applications are not the same, both of them, and outdoor power supply requirements more stringent, so this paper focuses on the application of the power of outdoor LED display screen.

Study on the LED display screen for the 8 * 8 dot matrix display, focuses on the dynamic process, due to limitations of the display screen, in the design of the digital display and can only English. A basic LED screen consists of 8 x 8 columns were 64 LED display, there are two kinds of connection ways of yin and yang.

Design ideas

The LED display screen is composed of 8 * 8 dot matrix, the general data terminal is connected with the microprocessor 8 bit parallel data port, and one by one the strobe terminal (gated), select a column of light, by time division multiplexing mode to realize the dynamic display. Strobe mode generally has two kinds: independent gating and decoding strobe.

If the screen is small, the processor has enough available I/O port, I/O port can be connected to one of each gate end, as shown in Figure 1; if the larger screen, or processor I/O port is not very rich, you can through the coding way of gating, as shown in figure 2. For example, when 8 pieces of 8 * 8 dot matrix LED consisting of a 8 * 128 dot matrix LED screen, direct strobe mode requires 64 I/O port, and the decoding strobe mode only 6 I/O port.

The hardware circuit

In the LED display system, used in a 8 * 8 display, the 8 gate I/O, strobe mode with independent strobe mode. Through the software Atmega16 I/O to provide signal gating. Atmega16 does not require additional driving circuits, software ATmega16 has the capacity of direct drive. Display system circuit diagram shown in figure 2.

Software design

8 * 8 dot matrix LED display characters need to display the data through the modular way into practice, this process can be achieved by using PctoLCD2002 software, as shown in Figure 4, PctoLCD2002 is a LCD matrix generation software, also suitable for matrix generation for LED dot matrix screen. Here choose to generate English character size 8 * 8 dot matrix, and set the way of model as the cathode (lit for 1), the column type and the consequent (high byte first).

The application environment of outdoor LED display screen is strict, and the good product as far as possible, all the problems will appear. Outdoor LED power supply with two timing controller to control the brightness, the velocity and the information content.


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